Tharu Culture

Nepal is like a garland of multicolored flowers, in which inhabitants a class of people known as a Tharu by caste and professionally dealing in singing, dancing & fishing but in these days they are directly involved in a prime sector of agriculture.

No one knows exactly from where they were immigrated but after studding their culture and history, some people said that after losing the battle with Muslim they moved to Nepal by 13 TH century, looking for a safety place where was unlikely to be disturbed from other people.

But it was a great challenge to survive in chitwan because the malaria and smallpox were broken out and soon spread over the surrounding district so there was a great mortality but they are said, they could survived easily in chitwan valley by having different in diet as well as Jungle products.

That’s why they are still called malaria resistance indigenous Tharu people.

Indigenous tribes dealing in prime sector of agriculture fulfilled with entertainment experience.