About us

Explore the beauty around the place and get to know more about the unknown facts and many more things.

Badreni Jungle Resort is situated in Badreni village very close (one minute walk) from the Bagmara community forest and five minute's walk from the Rapti river, which is the boundary of the national park and 10 minute walk from the Elephant Breeding Center.

Due to being very close from the forest, you can hear lots of different sounds of the nocturnal wildlife's during the night time from our Deluxe Room, where you feel a real nature surrounding you.


Tower Night Stay

This is an additional program provided by our Resort. There are few of them where you can go and stay overnight, the chances are extremely very high to see more unique wildlife, they make their movement a lot in a night time, sometimes you can hear tiger roaring as well as lots of animals giving an alarm clock.

You have completely different feeling to spend a night in a middle of the forest that's why it is highly recommended.


Chitwan National Park

Chitwan national park is standing today as a successful testimony of nature conservation in south Asia. It is the first National park of Nepal established in 1973 A.D before that it was Royal hunting reserve. It is covering an area of 932 square kilometer. It is fully protected area where are three different kinds of vegetation Sal forest, Riverine forest and grassland.

It provides best home for the endangered species of wildlife such as Royal Bengal tiger, Leopard, Greater one horn Rhinoceros, Sloth Bear, Striped Hyena, Pangolins, Ratel (Honey badger), Gharial Crocodile, Python, Bengal Florican, Giant Hornbill, Brown Fish Owl, Demoiselle Crane, as well as other common wildlife, four types of deer, monkeys, gaur, Civets and Felids.